Zakonodajni izzivi in izzivi pomanjkanja implementacije zelene tehnologije se kažejo predvsem v tveganju stabilnosti in blaginje družbe, obenem pa naj poudarimo, da nastajajo izjemne nove priložnosti za prilagajanje. Le te priložnosti niso vedno vidne in potrebujejo biti opažene... Preberi več


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The Ethics Code of the association on the Academy of Business Excellence means to promote the development of business ethics, create understandable value standards, inspire and support the members in their work, and promote a social responsibility among the employees as well as among the members of the Academy of Business Excellence. This is the only way in which the Academy of Business Excellence can be successful in what it represents.


eticni kodeksThrough its business consultations, the Academy of Business Excellence provides and proposes guidelines for businesslike decisions and management methods that affect the success of a sustainable business development, thus directly affecting the lives and well-being of all employees, customers, suppliers, the environment, and society at large.

Innovation, creativity, development - we have no limits! In order to find better and more efficient solutions, we always think outside the box. We advocate that success is only possible when we step out of our comfort zone. Challenges are what encourage innovation and give us strength in development. Additionally, we address those challenges in an innovative way that promotes performance and competitiveness on the market.

Our goal is a constant and continuous progress, with a desire to improve. We are pushing boundaries of the possible. We gain new knowledge and experiences, and share them with our employees. We grow and develop together, because this raises the level of innovation and knowledge of the company.


  • Striving for the best: we achieve ambitious goals while following our vision - to be the best of the best.
  • Commitment to the results: we strive to achieve positive and concrete goals, while always looking for ways to improve the long-term results.
  • Entrepreneurship: we are always ready to adapt, take risks, be initiative and creative, to create changes and settings, and to achieve and exceed ambitious goals.
  • Responsibility: with our consistent and responsible attitude towards work, business, natural and social environment, we maintain and strengthen the company’s reputation.
  • Expertise: we perfect it by constantly improving by acquiring new information. Whatever is thrown at us, we do better, faster, and more efficiently than is expected of us. We raise expectations of employees and business partners, a fact applicable to all of our coworkers in all areas.
  • Loyalty and affiliation: all of our employees are aware that their work creates the company’s reputation in the social and businesslike environment. That is why we highly appreciate the loyalty of our employees.
  • Integrity: we respect high moral and ethical principles, acting accordingly in every situation. We strive to fulfill all of our promises and stick to all agreements. We search for good in others, and wish success for all.
  • Honesty: it is important to connect with people we can rely on to achieve the goals of society. We respect the rules, business ethics and agreements, while demanding honest behavior and an open attitude from everyone involved in the process.



We respect the dignity of the individual.

eticni kodeksIn doing business and in making decisions, we respect every individual with whom the company has a relationship. Although there might come to possible conflicts of interest in doing business, we never ignore the fact that we work with people who have the right to be respected for their personality, dignity, personal integrity, and privacy. We make decisions at a democratic level, strive for cooperation and respect diversity.

We take care of the growth and development of our employees.

Capable and committed employees are the source of the company’s success. Their energy and knowledge enable the growth and success of the company, therefore we are committed to the well-being of all employees. I’ll note that there is no efficiency without humanity, and no humanity without efficiency. I respect all employees and appreciate their efforts and hard work with which they contribute to our success. For this, I guarantee them a suitable payment. I strive for their growth, both personal and professional. I lead my coworkers so that they grow into independent and well-respected people who like working for our company. Our guideline is a proactive and transparent internal communication. We strive to ensure that each employee is given a clearly defined, appropriate and useful role in the company, based on their knowledge and skills, and that in achieving the set goals, they are as independent and empowered as possible. Our first priority are motivated and determined employees, as they reflect the satisfaction of the employer, as well as, most importantly, the achieved business goals. We are committed to planning the personal growth of our employees, to their continuous education and training. We help and encourage them in their accomplishment of their personal growth, which is a prerequisite for a successful business development.

We respect the employees’ right to join a union. We are aware that the union and the company may sometimes have conflicting goals, that is why we will use an open and constructive dialogue to resolve these conflicts. I expect both the management and all employees to protect the company’s assets and to not exploit either the property or the services available to them for their own personal gain. In the event of an accident, I help our coworkers either financially, or with understanding and advice. I’ll note that our coworkers are not only our employees, but also husbands and wives, partners, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, who have other duties in their daily lives, therefore I do my best to allow them to harmonise their private and professional lives.




We are focused on the well-being of our company.

eticni kodeksWe strive for the most successful mission of our company, as well as its continuous development. Our task is to create a mission which is understandable and useful to everyone, and to set measurable goals accordingly, which we first coordinate responsibly with other stakeholders, and later achieve consistently. In doing so, we observe the principle of a continuous, sustainable increase in the well-being of shareholders, customers, employees and others alike, whose financial position depends on the performance of our company.  In order to adjust our company’s strategies in a timely manner, we are committed to a constant monitoring of the macroeconomic, social, technological and other changes in the environment. We create conditions for the development of (non-)technological innovations of our company.

We build mutual trust with our business partners.

We create a partnership with our customers, suppliers, and creditors based on mutual trust. Our relationship will be respectful and in the spirit of good business practice. Our mutual trust is built on the consistent implementation of the agreed, and on good business practices. We close deals with conditions that we are able to fulfill in accordance with the law and good business practices.

We strive to resolve mutual disputes amicably, in the spirit of good cooperation. We inform our suppliers, customers, and creditors of our plans on which our future cooperation depends in a timely manner. We refuse to enter into transactions, obtain information about the competition or create an advantage over the competition by means of morally questionable methods. We do not bribe or allow ourselves to be bribed, nor do we accept or give gifts of value exceeding common practice.

We work with good intentions for the community.

Every company depends on the community in which it operates, just as the community depends on the company. Mutual relationships are based on honesty, transparency, mutual assistance, understanding, and trust. We take a positive role in the community, achieving this through financial, material and immaterial promotion of science, sports, culture, environment, education, health, and other activities within the given capabilities of our company. The guiding principle will be the greatest benefit to the community, because the company will also benefit indirectly. We do our best to help when it comes to natural or other disasters -  both materially, financially, and personally, as well as with our support and advice. We do not remain indifferent to the misfortunes and injustices happening around the world, and we will do our best to add our positive contribution to the regulation of our global community. Humanitarianism and helping each other is an added value to personal growth, and it shows the entrepreneur’s sense of fellow human beings.




We lead an open and constructive dialogue with the country and its institutions.

eticni kodeksWe cooperate with the country in creating conditions that enable economic and personal development. We are constructively critical of the country and its institutions if the country’s measures would limit the efficiency of the market, and thus the competitiveness of the economy. We strive for such an economic system in which the country will primarily create favorable conditions for the healthy and solid development of entrepreneurship, and will allow companies to manage freely within the agreed rules.
We believe that the country should achieve healthy and solid development in a natural way, i.e. by creating competitiveness. Therefore, we strive for the greatest possible freedom in asserting the interests of the company while taking into account the interests of the country, society, and other stakeholders, and we respect the agreed rules of the game. We participate in the adoption of laws and rules of the game, taking into account the principles of market efficiency, which lead to the greatest prosperity. We ensure the success of the company while respecting the law and social values. We are committed to a business environment in which the development of innovation and entrepreneurship will be enabled. We are cooperating with the country in all areas that could help achieve these goals and thus increase the competitiveness of the economy.

We coexist responsibly with the environment.

We are committed to a responsible coexistence with the environment and nature, and we promote the environmentally friendly lifestyle for all stakeholders. We promote and invest in environmentally friendly business processes, products, and services. We reduce levels of emissions, support the careful management of waste, raw materials, and energy. We support strategic orientations for obtaining energy from renewable sources. We monitor developments in the field of environmental protection, and make changes in daily operations.



We are aware of the complexity of our profession.

We strive to strengthen our ability and competence to lead,that is why we will be constantly learning about innovations, educating ourselves, and actively listening to the individuals with ideas and suggestions. I understand the profession of leadership as a mission on which the well-being of individuals and society as a whole depends. In this profession, we always strive for excellence and decisions that lead to long-term success of the entire company, thus benefiting us all, or at least most stakeholders. Professionalism is necessary for being good in your field of work, so we regularly educate ourselves and share experiences with others. For the excellence of management, we are committed to openness to the knowledge and skills of experts from scientific and other divergent professional backgrounds and fields, who can help us with their knowledge in solving key problems of the economy. We are aware that the success of our work also depends on the well-being of all involved. With our example, we show the elements of good management of people and processes, as the relationship to each of its members is important for a successful organization.

Finally, we gain and expand our knowledge and experience through various forms of socializing and networking, so we take care of our professional development by being active members of associations and other organizations whose goal is the progress of a certain professional field.

We are responsible for ourselves.

We are responsible for ourselves and for our families. We take care of our health and for our balanced lifestyles. We take care of our bodies by being physically active, and of our mental health by resting and taking time for our family and friends.

We are committed to follow the general ethical principles in our private lives as well, and to promote them to other people in our private circles.


President mag. Miroslav Draklser
Domžale, 14. 2. 2020