Zakonodajni izzivi in izzivi pomanjkanja implementacije zelene tehnologije se kažejo predvsem v tveganju stabilnosti in blaginje družbe, obenem pa naj poudarimo, da nastajajo izjemne nove priložnosti za prilagajanje. Le te priložnosti niso vedno vidne in potrebujejo biti opažene... Preberi več


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What is the PEFC certification?

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international non-profit and non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable forest management. As all organizations in the supply chain must be certified, it is ensured that the forest products (wood, wood products, paper, paper products), which are an integral part of the final product, originate from a forest in which respect for the pre-defined environmental, social, and ethical standards.

IFS FOOD and IFS logistic

With the penetration of the European and world retail chains into Slovenia, their demands to Slovenian food producers, who are suppliers of food products to retail chains, were also transferred. The IFS standard combines the requirements of the HACCP system according to the Codex Alimentarius, as well as the rules of good manufacturing, business and hygiene practice, traceability, and food labeling. Organizations that already have one of the ISO standards (ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001…), or a HACCP system certified in their business systems, will find it easier to obtain a certificate.

A need for a EFQM model

The EFQM model of excellence (European Foundation for Quality Management - Business Excellence model or PRSPO model - Recognition of the Republic of Slovenia for Business Excellence - new model EFQM 2013) is a general and non-binding framework based on 9 criteria and 32 sub-criteria. Five of these criteria represent factors and the other four represent results. Factors tell us what the organization is doing, and the results tell us what the organization is achieving. The results are the outcomes of the factors which we improve through feedback on the results.

Gaining a competitive advantage with quality - ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27000, 50001

Successful organizations are those where a focus on quality contributes to a more frugal and flexible organization. In this way, it is better qualified to conquer new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global market. By introducing continuous improvements, it enables the achievement of ever better business results.